The Importance of ID Cards

Why ID Cards?

Whether you are an employee working for a big firm or a student at a local university, ID card is that one thing you are obligated to carry with you at all times. But, why? If you are amongst those who do not appreciate being tagged, here’s a look at the importance of ID cards.

ID Cards

Proof of Identity

Scanning your ID card at the entrance or presenting it to the guard is the most direct way to prove that you belong in the premises, be it as a student, staff, resident or visitor.

Access Control

Most premises have certain areas that are off-limits except to authorized personnel, for example, a staff-only room or resident-only facilities or student-only accommodation. ID cards can effectively prevent unwanted access, and easily identify unauthorized individuals and intruders.

Employee Motivation

It is very important that the employees look at the company that they work for like a “family”. Better employee engagement is crucial to maintaining consistent revenue and profit growth. ID cards help motivate the employees by cultivating a sense of belonging in them.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Many organizations use ID cards to accurately monitor the attendance and punctuality of their employees. By simply swiping or scanning their cards at the entrance, such time attendance system eliminates the need for manually stamping or filling in the time cards which later require manual calculation. Companies that record the activities of their employees with ID cards are also protected from “buddy punching” and other payroll frauds.

Benefits and Privileges

Some ID cards carry extra benefits. For instance, students are entitled to discounts off movie tickets, theme park tickets, food, books and stationery by flashing their student ID cards at selected outlets.

Verify Identity during Emergencies

As most ID cards are equipped with the cardholder’s photo and personal information such as contact number, address, emergency contacts, etc., your card can be used to verify your identity when you fall victim to theft, meet with an accident or other emergencies.


ID card have become an important part of our current culture. While one may appreciate the privileges that the card offers, others may see its value at tightening security. With all the different types, functions and designs, it is definitely not difficult for each organization to find one that suit their requirements and fit their budgets.